SpillWays Explorer

Welcome to the SpillWays Blockchain Explorer documentation. This guide will help you understand how to navigate and use the SpillWays Explorer to view and interact with the SpillWays private chain.


A blockchain explorer is a web tool that provides detailed information about blocks, transactions, and addresses on the SpillWays private chain. It’s designed to give stakeholders the transparency and tracking capabilities needed for private chain operations without compromise on the transactions privacy.

Interface Elements

Transaction Details Page

This page provides detailed information about individual transactions on the SpillWays chain.
Key Components:
  • Transaction Hash: A unique identifier for the transaction.
  • Status: Indicates if the transaction was successful.
  • Block: The block number in which the transaction was included.
  • From: The address that sent the tokens.
  • To (Interacted With): The recipient's address.
  • Tokens Transferred: The amount and type of tokens transferred.
  • Transaction Fee: The fee paid to process the transaction.
  • Gas Price: The price per unit of gas paid for the transaction.

Latest Blocks Page

This page displays the most recent blocks mined on the SpillWays chain.
Key Components:
  • Block Number: The unique number of the block in the blockchain.
  • Mined By: The address of the miner who mined the block.
  • Size: The size of the block in bytes.
  • Transaction Count: The number of transactions included in the block.
  • Spillways: The rewards earned for mining the block.

Using the Explorer

Searching for Transactions

To search for a specific transaction, enter the transaction hash in the search bar at the top of the page. This will bring up the transaction details page for that transaction.

Viewing Latest Blocks

The homepage of the explorer shows the latest mined blocks. Clicking on a block number will provide you with detailed information about that block, including the transactions included in it.

Checking Token Transfers

To view token transfers, navigate to the transaction details page. Here, you can see the amount of tokens transferred and the addresses involved.

Transaction Fees and Gas Prices

Each transaction incurs a fee, which is visible on the transaction details page. The gas price, which affects the transaction fee, is also displayed here. Keep in mind that to access these informations, you shall be inside the loop of the transaction