Spillways Card

Visa Virtual Cards from Spillways

Introducing Spillways Cards, the latest and most convenient way to use your USDC for everyday purchases. With Spillways Cards, you can now convert your USDC into a card that can be used anywhere Visa / MasterCard is accepted. (Outside of financial platforms)

How it works

  1. Deposit 100, 250, 500 or 1000 USDC into our platform.

  2. You will receive a Visa Virtual Card with the corresponding value within 24 hours after the order.


The fee for using Spillways Cards is 5% + 6 USD (Card creation fee) of the total amount. This fee is added to the total cost of the card, so be sure to factor it into your spending budget.

Benefits of Spillways Cards

  • Conveniently use your USDC for everyday purchases trough Apple Pay & Google Pay. (The service is not guaranteed to work and is subject to the issuer)

  • Virtual card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (Excluding financial services such as buying cryptoassets on exchanges)

  • High security, no need to carry physical card

  • No credit check required

  • No KYC operation required and Spillways does not collect any user data, the cards are respecting your privacy.

How to Use Spillways Cards

Once you receive your Spillways Card, you can use it wherever Visa / Mastercard is accepted, whether you're shopping online or in a physical store. Simply provide the card details (card number, expiry date, and CVV) to the merchant, and the purchase will be complete.

In conclusion, Spillways Card is an innovative product that allows you to use your USDC for everyday purchases. With its easy process, high security, no credit check requirement and anonymous feature, it is an excellent option for those looking to use their cryptocurrency for everyday transactions while keeping their personal information private.

[SpillWays cards is a white-label service, any refunds, reissuance, chargebacks & unauthorized transactions are subject to the provider's will & ToS]

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