Protector Bot

Protector Bot Documentation


Protector Bot is an innovative Telegram bot designed for the SpillWays ecosystem. It serves as a comprehensive tool to access various services within the SpillWays platform, enhancing user experience by providing a unified interface for managing and utilizing SpillWays features.

Key Services of Protector Bot

  • SpillWays Card Management: Users can manage their virtual credit card services, checking balances, and transaction history.
  • pEVM (Private Ethereum Virtual Machine) Access: Direct interaction with the Ethereum private chain for secure and private transactions.
  • CipherTalk Integration: On-chain encrypted messaging service that ensures privacy and security in communication.
  • Additional Features: Including but not limited to social media links, staking services, and detailed charts for tracking.

SpillWays Card

The SpillWays Card service within Protector Bot allows users to operate a virtual credit card, making secure transactions within the SpillWays ecosystem. Users can easily check their card details, monitor spending, and top up their balance directly through the Telegram interface.


  • View balance and recent transactions
  • Easy management of multiple virtual cards

pEVM Explorer

The pEVM Explorer is a tool within Protector Bot that gives users the ability to explore the private Ethereum chain. It ensures privacy while allowing access to the benefits of Ethereum-based transactions.


  • Track and verify private transactions
  • Access to block information


pEVM RPC is a service provided by Protector Bot to interact with the private Ethereum network via Remote Procedure Call (RPC). It facilitates developers and users to send commands to the pEVM network, enabling smart contract deployment, transaction execution, and querying blockchain data.


CipherTalk is an encrypted messaging feature within Protector Bot, which uses blockchain technology to provide secure, on-chain communication. It ensures that your messages remain confidential and tamper-proof.


  • End-to-end encryption for messages
  • Blockchain-based message verification
  • Secure message storage on the pEVM chain

pEVM Faucet

The pEVM Faucet is a feature that allows users of Protector Bot to request and receive test tokens on the private Ethereum chain. This is especially useful for developers and users who want to test transactions or smart contracts on the pEVM without using real assets.


  • Receive test pEVM tokens
  • Easy-to-use interface for token requests
  • Support for development and testing


Protector Bot provides direct links to all SpillWays social media platforms, enabling users to stay connected with the community and keep up with the latest updates, news, and announcements.


Staking services within Protector Bot allow users to stake their tokens and earn rewards. It simplifies the process of participating in the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism of the pEVM chain.


  • Stake and unstake tokens
  • View staking rewards and history
  • Manage staking preferences


The Chart service offers users comprehensive graphical representations of various data points within the SpillWays ecosystem, including token prices, staking rewards, and transaction volumes.