Welcome to the documentation for SpillWays, a fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.
One of the main features of SpillWays is its ability to provide anonymity for its users. This is achieved through the use of newly implemented cryptographic methods, which allow for the creation of a crypto mixer that can effectively make the identities of those participating in transactions on the Ethereum network private.
In addition to offering privacy, SpillWays also prioritizes fast and scalable transactions. This means that users can deposit and withdraw their assets in a timely manner without having to sacrifice privacy.
Security is another key aspect of SpillWays. The protocol utilizes ZK-Proofs to ensure that deposited assets are safe as long as the user keeps their private note secure.
Overall, SpillWays is a decentralized protocol that aims to provide a high level of privacy, fast and scalable transactions, and strong security for its users on the following networks :
Binance Smart Chain
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